Below you will find an extensive list of the work that went into MorphOS 2.0.
Please note that this is just an overview and does not mention or explain every new feature.




Notable updates:

  • Ambient was extended massively and is well on its journey to become the ultimate desktop
  • NetStack, the new integrated TCP/IP stack
  • Poseidon USB stack, now at version 4.1 (includes support for USB 2.0)
  • MUI 4.0 with new UI classes
  • Many brand new tools and utilities


General improvements:

  • AltiVec support
  • Many components are now localized
  • Various UI style fixes in applications and components
  • Static m68k emulation and Trance JIT bugfixes


Improvements in graphics operations:

  • AltiVec and hardware accelerated graphics operations for alpha blending, stretching and a lot more
  • Support for Display Data Channel (DDC)


  • BootCD Welcome Application 'Bienvenue' New
  • MorphOS startup menu New (To access startup menu press and hold F1 or left mouse button or use BOOTMENU boot argument)


  • Filetype system

    Actions (internal/dos/rexx commands) can be associated to a given file type, for different kinds of events (double click, context menu, drag'n'drop).

    Filetypes are sorted according to MIME standard and action inheritance is supported.

  • Deficon system

    Each filetype can have an associated default icon.

  • Advanced listers

    List view with many features: icons display, inline renaming, sort by any attribute, directory size calculation, version/md5 display, possibility
    to save columns state and order, thumbnail support, configurable colours, ...

  • Improved iconview

    Faster, realtime zoom support, improved navigation.

  • Toolbar and browser mode

    Each view can have a navigation area where path can be entered or changed (either with a string or clickpath buttons).

    Toolbar buttons offering most common ambient internal commands.

  • Mode/Submodes buttons to quickly cycle between different modes.

  • Device list view

    Available in both icon and list mode, allowing to quickly reach any volume. Also reachable via the My MorphOS icon.

  • Image view

    Simple and efficient internal picture viewer, with scaling and rotation support. Navigation keys allow to browse all pictures in a directory.

  • Text view

    Text viewer with search feature.

  • Audio player supporting mp3, ogg and formats handled by Reggae, with sbar support.

  • Shortcut system

    Ambient actions can be bound to user-configurable shortcuts.

  • Thumbnail support

    Both list and icon views can be switched to thumbnail submode and show pictures thumbnails (cached in memory).

  • Archive browsing

    Xad-supported archives can be browsed as if they were normal directories and content can be viewed/executed/extracted/... transparently.

  • Find tool

    Integrated Find tool able to search by name, content, filetype, ...

  • Bookmarks allowing to store and reach preferred locations.

  • New panel elements (separators, spacers, bookmarks, view selector)

  • More robust and complete file management

  • More comprehensive feedback when errors occur.

  • Copy requester displaying more information about copied / moved / deleted files.

  • Replacement requesters showing version, date, MD5.

  • Possibility to cancel, skip, retry when needed.

  • Copy / cut / paste system...

  • Directory Opus-like features like pattern renaming, selection filters, quick search...

  • Large file support (64 bits Dos).

  • AltiVec optimisations (scaling, ...)

  • Many new internal/rexx commands (to change background, open view, add entry to pulldown menu, copy selected files paths to clipboard, ...)

General notes

  • Many corrections
  • Speedups and optimisations, especially in iconview.
  • Drag'n'Drop support in many places (clickpath, mimetype editor, panels,...).
  • More coherency between views and menus.

And much more...

3D graphics:

  • New functionality, including 1D textures, texture combiners, dot3 mapping, support for more texture units.

  • AltiVec optimizations to various parts of code.

  • Compatibility enhancements (vertex arrays, texture matrices)

  • More speed thanks to improved lowlevel drivers.

  • Lots of bugfixes.



  • Apdf (Bug fixes)

  • Elements New (Periodic System of Elements)
  • LCDTest New (Monitor Test Suite)

  • RemoteShell New (SSH client)

  • ShowGirls [ADDED] (An image browser and simple photo manipulation utility)

  • Sputnik New (Web browser with Cascading Style Sheet and extensive Javascript support)

  • Sketch New (Paint application)


  • GLMatrix New
    Displays an effect inspired by The Matrix movie

  • Feathers New
    Flock of feathers on night sky background

  • Atlantis New
    3D scene with swimming sharks and dolphins

  • BlockTube New
    Flight in tunnel created from blocks

  • Boing New
    Reimplementation of the historical demo

  • Color blanker New
    Puts the monitor to sleep, literally.

  • Cosmic Voyage blanker New
    Traditional starfield blanker.

  • Flurry New
    Blurry 3D stars

  • Gears New
    Classic OpenGL demo

  • Moire blanker New
    Mimics the MagicCX blanker.

  • Nowhere blanker New
    New and shiny

  • Pig Invasion blanker New
    - 4 basic pig races
    - Hidden special pigs

  • Spikeball New
    Rotated spikeball with flying bands




- Added new countries


amigaguide.datatype New
j2k.datatype New
openexr.datatype New
tiff.datatype New



- New functionality



  • Audio tracks are now accessible as WAV files
  • Possibility to access ISO files contents
  • Supports the CD-Text extension

FATFileSystem New

  • 100% native driver with complete read and write support
  • Supports FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 variants
  • Supports long file names (LFN) extention
  • Supports different codepage file name conversion



apipe-handler New
gs-handler New
inet-handler New
ixpipe-handler New
random-handler New
zero-handler New
xadfs New

debug-handler New
Output to debug log via shell


muicon-handler New
The MUI MorphOS console


Diamonds New
Addictive diamond puzzle

Shuffle New
Full special version of the commercial hit puzzle game by binaryriot

hidden 3dlayer translucency mode


New keymaps with Unicode support

New language drivers with Unicode support


amigaguide.library New
Partial implementation of the original C= library

Added 64bit DOS support

bz2.library New
Compression library


  • Compatibility fixes in pattern matching and other operations
  • New API for 64bit file operations
  • New DOS object access functions

dynload.library New
Easy dynamic linking for applications


  • New TLSF memory system
  • Shutdown API and other improvements

freetype.library New

iconv.library [ADDED]


  • Added a new input mode where mouse button events always go to the window
    below the mouse pointer, activating it
  • Added support for windows which cannot be activated (toolbar windows)
  • Implemented blankers support
  • Rewritten InputHandler, the core of the intuition. Faster and more compatible
  • Support for multiple types of ARGB mouse pointers (Radeon only)
  • Support for window shadows (layers3d)
  • Crashed applications disposer lets one re-run MUI applications
  • Skinable prop scrollers
  • Mouse pointer feedback for window drag/resize zones
  • Screen gamma configurable in prefs and by application
  • Nicer mouse movement speed control, no more jumpy cursor
  • MUI screen management moved to intuition
  • Screen titlebar plugins as MUI classes
  • Locale support for intuition's messages
  • Rewritten context menus for screen depth, window depth and window zoom gadgets, including thumbnails of screens and windows (layers3d)
  • Fixed missing labels in applications like Imagine, Pagestream or HiP
  • Implemented ScreenPosition()
  • Windows, Screens and IDCMP messages are BOOPSI objects now
  • Fixed some memleaks and possible deadlocks
  • Monitor management API, better monitors awareness and mouse support
  • Faster window border rendering
  • Window title outline/shadow support
  • Possibility to toggle offscreen with a qualifier key
  • Better mouse keyboard emulation, with acceleration
  • IDCMPs now carry more information, including keyboard input in UCS4 format
  • And a lot more...

jfif.library New
Image compression library with AltiVec acceleration

Added Unicode support


  • An entirely rewritten library with real, hardware accelerated opacity and shadows support
  • Screenshot API that can screenshot selected layers


  • Added Unicode API
  • Supports UTF-8 and UTF-32/UCS-4 in catalogs


  • MorphOS native reimplementation
  • Double internal precision
  • New API function NN_SetAttrs()
  • Network learning rate and momentum are adjustable on-the-fly
  • previously stored networks can also be loaded from a memory location

png.library New
Image compression library

Bug fixes, faster and better, new features

tiff.library New
Image compression library

ttengine.library [ADDED]
Improved Unicode support

xadmaster.library [ADDED]
Compression library

xpkmaster.library [ADDED]
Compression library

z.library New
Compression library


bugreport.library New
mount.library New
random.library New
thumbnail.library New


MUI classes:

Aboutbox.mcc New
Uniform About requester for all MorphOS applications

Cpumonitor.mcc New
Externalized class from freeware utility 'CPU Monitor'

MorphOS native reimplementation

Graph.mcc/mcp New

  • Base class for all kind of graphs, extracted from freeware utility 'CPU Monitor'
  • Fully user configurable look

Lamp.mcc/mcp New

  • New reimplementation of well known freeware MUI Custom Class
  • Fixed possible relayout deadlock situation when MUIA_Lamp_Type was set
    inside MUIM_Setup phase

Pantheon.mcc New
Updated MorphOS credits.

PowerTerm.mcc/mcp New

Rawimage.mcc New
Allows to use packed imagedata (bz2, z, raw), useful for in code embedded true colour logos, etc.




A new, modular, streaming multimedia framework. It is going to replace existing datatypes system. Many Reggae classes are accelerated with AltiVec.

Currently supported sound formats

  • AIFF
  • WAVE floating point PCM
  • WAVE A-law/u-law

Currently supported image formats

  • BMP
  • ICO
  • GIF87a
  • ZX Spectrum screen dump (SCR)

Currently supported data sources

  • memory
  • file
  • HTTP/1.1 protocol

Currently supported data outputs

  • audio (via AHI)
  • window (for images)

Available filters

  • audio looper
  • audio FIR filter



Fragment [ADDED]

  • Visualizes memory fragmentation
  • Supports new TLSF memory system

Grabber New

  • Makes photos of screens and windows
  • Can save in PNG, JPEG and ILBM formats
  • Preview option

Keystroke New

  • Shows how to enter special characters

NoCapsLock New

  • Caps Lock key can act as Shift key

MiniCalc New

  • Calculator with basic functions
  • 18 digits, high precision mathematics
  • Tape
  • Supports numeric keypad

Mixer New

  • Replaces PegasosMixer application
  • Manages all sound cards installed in the system (plugin support)


  • Advanced calculator for programmers


  • Rewritten from scratch to use MUI GUI toolkit with advanced GUI features
  • Supports datatypes and Reggae
  • Supports Unicode text files (UTF-8, UCS-2 and UCS-4)
  • Integrated AmigaGuide support with UTF-8


  • uses List.mui
  • CPU graph display
  • various other improvements

Tips New

  • Funny 'Tip of the Day' utility, supports external tip or fortune cookie databases and custom images


  • Sticky window mode (enabled via tooltypes)
  • Coordinate and crosshair display
  • Lock mode (press SPACE key)
  • RGB-value display mode (press F1 key)


HDConfig New

  • Replaces old SCSIConfig application
  • Clear and intuitive MUI GUI
  • Supports RDB, MBR and MAC partition layout

Mounter New

  • Nice GUI for managing partitions
  • Supports RDB and MBR partition layout
  • Support for all known filesystems, that work on MorphOS


  • Localised
  • Fixes in UI
  • Embedded documentation (Help)
  • Fixed minor bugs

Snoopium [ADDED]

  • Knows 64bit DOS packets by the name
  • Fixes in UI

Shell commands:


Clip New
DOSList New
Ed New
Filewrite New
FSDie New
FSPrefs New
GetRAMDebugLog New
IDEStandby New
iKill New
IPrefs [added sound prefs support, lots of fixes and improvements]
ModList New
Open New
PortList New
ShowConfig New
Shutdown New
Unmount New
Unrar New


ifconfig New
login New
netconfig New
mcsr New
offline New
online New
passwd New
ping New


RXCmd New

Executes single ARexx commands on a given ARexx port directly

Screen bar plugins:

Clock.sbar New

  • Built-in internal plugin, replaces old title bar clock

Cpumonitor.sbar New

  • 'CPU Monitor' for your Screen titlebar
  • Double click opens classic 'CPU Monitor' window with full CPU usage history

Netlamps.sbar New

  • Show SANA-II device network activity in Screen titlebar
  • Double-click opens full Network traffic statistics windows
  • Works directly on-top of the device, so is TCP/IP stack independent