Below you will find an extensive list of the work that went into MorphOS 3.0.
Please note that this is just an overview and does not mention or explain every new feature.
Release 3.0 boot.img Changes

Following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made between the 2.7 and 3.0 release of MorphOS to the ROM (boot.img) based components.

Quark and Related Modules
  • PowerBook G4 Aluminum support, targeting following models:
    System IDSystem NameModel
    PowerBook5,6PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15''A1106
    PowerBook5,7PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17''A1107
    PowerBook5,8PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15''A1138
    PowerBook5,9PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17''A1139
  • Fixes in memory mapping for systems with more than 1GB of RAM.
  • Added support for Dynamic Frequency Scaling.
  • Enables USB2 mode for onboard NEC chipsets in PowerMac FW800.
  • Fixed to map Cardbus units of PowerMac and PowerBook computers.
  • Fixed a crash in Quark's timer (affecting ABox timers).
Battery New
Module providing a battery sensor.
  • Fixed cdromtime->DateStamp conversion leap year bug.
  • Fixed volume re-mounting.
Ext3 filesystem
  • Improved disk inserted/removed handling.
  • Fixed timestamps.
Fat filesystem
  • Improved disk inserted/removed handling.
  • Fixed timestamps.
HFSPlus filesystem
  • Fixed timestamps.
I2C New
Support for the I2C found in PowerBooks.
Keylargo New
Module handling Keylargo units found in PowerBooks.
  • Fixed rare refresh issues.
MAC filesystem
  • Fixed boot file blessing support.
  • Fixed timestamps.
NTFS filesystem
  • Fixed timestamps.
PFS3 filesystem New
Native support for PFS3, making it possible to boot MorphOS from PFS3 formatted media. This product includes software developed by Michiel Pelt.
PowerBook New
Module controlling special keys, power saving, LCD backlight, fans, etc on PowerBook computers.
  • Fixed SATA cards support on PowerMacs.
  • Fixed Symbios SCSI cards support on PowerMacs.
Sensors New
A library providing simple trigger->notification system meant to handle all sorts of sensors.
SFS filesystem
  • Fixed handling of delayed notifications.
  • Fixed seeking in files larger than 2GiB.
SGIXFS filesystem
  • Fixed timestamps.
RAM filesystem
  • Fixed ACTION_FH_FROM_LOCK handling.
Temperature New
Delivers support for 4 temperature sensors in a PowerBook and 1 in a PowerMac.
Touchpad New
Library to support raw touchpad input to cursor movement conversions.
  • Uses touchpad.library to support PowerBook USB touchpads.
  • Added support for special keys on PowerBook keyboards.
  • Fixed UnpackStructureTags.
MorphOS 3.0 Disk Changes

Following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made to the disk based components of MorphOS. While not mentioned for every component translations were updated for most of them. Also various cosmetic fixes were applied here and there.

Some of the new components were already made available as part of the MorphOS 2.7 SDK distribution.

  • Added support for global actions when multiple files/dirs are selected.
  • Improved links handling.
  • Fixed not to crash when launching apps from very long paths.
  • Fixed a deadlock in Rexx cmds handling.
  • Default view mode and submode are now configurable.
  • Added video preview support in icon and list views, in thumbnails mode.
Applications/Flacapella New
FLAC/Wav CDDA ripper based around cdparanoia.
Applications/Jalapeno New
Simple CD/DVD authoring & copying utility.
  • Updated crypto engine to TrueCrypt v7.0a.
  • Uses mount.library for mounting.
  • Updated to WebKit r114842 (April 2012).
  • Updated to Cairo 1.12 and Pixman 0.24.4 (40% speedup).
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.0j.
  • Updated to Curl 7.25.0.
  • Updated to FFMPEG GIT from 13.05.2012.
  • Updated to SQLite 3.7.11.
  • Updated to libXML2 2.7.8 and libXSLT 1.1.26.
  • History completion popup is now multithreaded.
  • Implemented form filling completion (see privacy settings).
  • The "add bookmark" button now has two states, to indicate whether the current URL is already bookmarked or not.
  • Many other changes and fixes, see Applications/OWB/OWB.readme
  • for the exhaustive changes.
Applications/Scribble New
Powerful text editor built around Scintilla, a port of a widely used text editing component. Includes developer support and UTF file handling.
Applications/Transfer New
FTP/SFTP client application.
Applications/VPDF New
A new PDF reader application.
C/Battery New
Command to display current battery status.
C/Eject New
Simple command to eject CD media.
  • Fixed quad output.
  • Nicer boot splash when booting from CD.
  • Support for PowerBook module settings.
  • Fixed return code on errors or CTRL-C.
C/Textconv New
Text conversion utility.
Classes/Data/iso639.class New
ISO 639 language code class.
  • Updated image decoder to the most recent version.
Classes/MUI/Calltips.mcc New
An utility class to display calltips.
Classes/MUI/Scintilla.mcc New
MorphOS port of the current Scintilla text editor as a MUI class.
  • 256 color support.
  • Faster resizing routines.
  • Reduced memory footprint.
  • Doublewidth character support for Asian languages.
  • Fixes in search support.
  • Misc fixes.
  • Removed artificial 65 536 Hz sampling rate limit.
  • Class reworked, fixed a few bugs and a possible crash.
  • Added handling of unsigned 16-bit PCM audio (both endians, AltiVec accelerated).
Classes/Reggae/fifo.buffer New
General purpose FIFO buffer.
  • No more reports end of file as an error.
  • Full handling of POST requests including tag based POST request builder for text and binary data.
  • Added handling of "ICY" response to support receiving streams from Shoutcast servers.
  • Fixed response length bug triggered by some HTTP/1.0 servers.
  • Basic handling of ID3v2 (2.2, 2.3, 2.4) tags.
Classes/Reggae/iffdeep.decoder New
Decoder for IFF DEEP images.
Classes/Reggae/iffdeep.demuxer New
Demultiplexer for IFF DEEP images.
Classes/Reggae/iffilbm.decoder New
Decoder for IFF ILBM images.
Classes/Reggae/iffilbm.demuxer New
Demultiplexer for IFF ILBM images.
Classes/Reggae/jpeg.decoder New
Decoder for JPEG images.
Classes/Reggae/jpeg.demuxer New
Demultiplexer for JPEG images.
Classes/Reggae/degas.demuxer New
Demultiplexer for Atari Degas/Neochrome images.
Classes/Reggae/degas.decoder New
Decoder for Atari Degas/Neochrome images.
  • Optional frame scanner for precise frame count and bitrate calculation.
  • Optional logging to the system debuglog.
  • Time to frame and frame to time 64-bit conversion functions for audio.
  • Optional reduction of the decoding tree of MediaNewObject() to demuxers only. Useful when Reggae is only used to recognize streams and obtain their properties.
  • Fixes in metadata handling.
  • Fixed error reporting.
  • Fixed case of peeking 0 bytes.
Classes/Reggae/pcx.decoder New
Decoder for PCX images.
Classes/Reggae/pcx.demuxer New
Demultiplexer for PCX images.
Classes/Reggae/png.decoder New
Decoder for PNG images.
Classes/Reggae/png.demuxer New
Demultiplexer for PNG images.
  • Added support for unsigned 16-bit PCM formats (both endians).
Classes/Reggae/rawvideo.filter New
Wrapper class for processing raw PCM video streams in different formats.
Classes/Reggae/sunraster.decoder New
Decoder for SunRaster images.
Classes/Reggae/sunraster.demuxer New
Demultiplexer for SunRaster images.
Classes/Reggae/targa.decoder New
Decoder for Targa images.
Classes/Reggae/targa.demuxer New
Demultiplexer for Targa images.
  • Supports following input formats: ARGB32, RGBA32, ABGR32, RGB24, BGR24, GRAY8, LUT8.
  • Supports following output formats: ARGB32, GRAY8.
  • Four modes for color to gray conversion (mean, luma, min, max).
  • All conversions are AltiVec accelerated.
  • Support for PowerBooks
  • Now mounts using mount.library.
  • Updated the Spanish keymap.
  • Added an Ukrainian keymap.
  • Fixed Unicode support in Greek keymaps.
  • Fixed Turkish keymap.
  • Support for laptop displays.
  • Fixed mouse cursor on cards with more than 128MB RAM.
  • Enabled full 256MB on cards offering a 256MB aperture.
  • Fixed YCbCr16/RGB16PC modulo alignment.
Devs/netprinter.device New
Network printing driver.
  • Fixed timestamps.
  • Added AltiVec accelerated software volume/balance.
Libs/cairo.library New
Shared Cairo graphical library.
  • Fixed a leak with tablet data being sent to clients.
Libs/filesysbox.library New
FUSE wrapper library.
Libs/fontconfig.library New
Shared fontconfig port.
Libs/ftp.library New
FTP support library for Transfer.
  • Added support for W3D_R8G8B8A8 texture format.
  • Fixed a language resource memleak.
Libs/lua.library New
Lua scripting language with additional module allowing sending commands to applications in a way compatible with ARexx.
  • Updated to liblzma 5.0.3.
  • Bugfixes.
  • Better handling of "late" devices with disk based handlers.
Libs/pixman.library New
Shared Pixman library.
Libs/spellchecker.library New
Spell checking support shared library.
  • Added video thumbnail support.
Libs/tre.library New
Shared library providing regular expressions support.
  • Fixed all bogus country codes.
  • Added EURO support.
  • More candy, faster and debugged MUI.
  • Cleaned up the window border pop menu.
  • Redesigned the Screens section of the window border menu, adding the possibility to move an application to a new temporary screen.
  • Fixes in Dirlist.mui, List.mui, Title.mui.
  • Fixes in fixed width fonts handling.
  • Fixed several race conditions in Process.mui.
  • Datamap.mui class built around btree.library.
  • Slave.mui class to simplify multithreading.
  • Fixed a crash when closing bsdsocket.library.
  • Fixed a timer related crash.
  • Use a more frequent timer for timeout handling to improve performance.
Utilities/Jukebox New
Simple Reggae based music player.
  • Minor fixes.
  • UTF8 clipboard support.
  • Extended user settings.
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.0d.