Below you will find an extensive list of the work that went into MorphOS 3.1.
Please note that this is just an overview and does not mention or explain every new feature.
MorphOS 3.1 boot.img Changes

The following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made between the 3.0 and 3.1 release of MorphOS to the ROM (boot.img) based components.


  • Fixed booting via bootimage parameter when the source ISO file is on a usb disk.


  • Opening the laptop lid always enables the backlight and stops the screensaver now.
  • The battery information in titlebar was sometimes bogus.


  • When a screen was smaller than the display area, the bottom part of it was in some cases trashed/blinking.


  • Changed to disable write reordering to improve filesystem stability.

PFS3 filesystem

  • When formatting volumes, sets file name length to 107 characters.


  • Special keys are only handled for the internal keyboard, this also fixes swapped keys on external USB keyboards.
MorphOS 3.1 Disk Changes

Following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made to the disk based components of MorphOS. While not mentioned for every component translations were updated for most of them. Also various cosmetic fixes were applied here and there.


  • Fixed not to trigger 'Double click on desktop opens MyMorphos window' on specific doubleclicks.
  • Fixed untranslated strings in Ambient toolbar panel preferences.
  • Fixed wrong dimensions of windows remembered on exit.


  • Fixed burn progress display for drives that do not report buffer fill.


  • The handling of sftp links was improved.
  • Minor user interface changes were added.
  • The path history feature was improved.


  • Debug messages are disabled by default.


  • Fixed memory leak on blanker exit.


  • Fixed rendering issues introduced in 3.0 version.


  • SHOW parameter now works with no FILE param passed in.


  • Fixed argument parsing.


  • Fixed a memtrash in MUIM_Setup which randomly caused some screen operations to fail.


  • Logging cleaned up.
  • Improved handling of dynamic object reconnection.


  • Fixed .info filter in filename completion.


  • Fixed stability issues when multiple applications were using the library simultaneously


  • Fixed default font dirs to include _pcf.
  • Updated to fontconfig version 2.9.91 (fixes exotic characters in OWB).


  • Fixed a crash on machines with no AltiVec unit.
  • Fixed trashed textures when using bitmap->texture functionality.
  • Fixed windowed context reinitialization.
  • Fixed ID=0 texture handling.
  • glGetString(GL_RENDERER) returns proper renderer name.
  • Added checks for invalid user input in array-related functions.
  • Fixed potential issue with long primitive rendering in array-related functions.
  • Fixed some primitives being rendered incorrectly (strips).


  • Fixed a case in which the active frame was drawn for objects that would normally render it on its own.
  • Fixed font selector not to return relative names for clients that don't support relative font naming (like Screen Font configuration for example).


  • Fixed some zero page read hits.
  • In MAC layouts, the boot priorities weren't always handled right, resulting in wrong partition being displayed as the one the system will boot from.


  • When updating on Efika, lets the user enable networking so that it is possible to download the ISO file.


  • No longer crashes if 68k amigaguide.library is used.
  • Fixed rendering of {jcenter} and {jright} tags in AmigaGuide.